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Kairos Edutech Pvt Ltd is dedicated to empowering individuals through transformative learning experiences. Our training programs are designed to enhance knowledge, develop skills, and unlock personal potential.

With industry experts, interactive methodologies, and cutting-edge resources, we provide comprehensive training solutions for professional growth. Discover a world full of opportunity, expand your horizons, and embark on a journey of lifelong learning with our education training programs.

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Investment Banking

Discover the power of financial markets with this investment banking course. Gain essential knowledge and skills for lucrative career opportunities.

Wealth Management

Master strategies to grow and protect your assets effectively with this compelling wealth management course.

Foundation Course

This foundation course provides an overview of all areas of investment to new entrants to the financial services industry

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Training programs offered by Kairos Edutech is a game-changer, when it comes to equipping you with valuable knowledge, skills, and insights. Along with boosting your confidence we also help you enhance your career prospects. Through interactive learning experiences and expert guidance, our training programs will accelerate your growth, keep you updated with industry trends, and enable you to stay ahead of the curve.

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What Our Students Have to Say

"CISI has given me all kinds of securities knowledge at a global level through IOC certification. IOC Certification i.e. introduction to securities and investment, Global securities Operations and Operational Risk has given me in-depth knowledge of how the trade happens in the market with managing and mitigating all type risks. It simply defines the behind the trade story which is not visible to the people. So thank you CISI and trainers from Kairos Edutech for giving me this opportunity to know these things at global level"
Ranjana Singh
IOC Certified
"After months of turning through the pages of the books, you achieve what you have aimed for!! IOC Certification has given me practical insights about the Securities and Investments, Risk Management, Support Functions, Asset Servicing, which is a boost to my Career. And i can proudly say that I want to dig deep into this path and upscale my knowledge professionally. And all thanks to our trainers from Kairos Edutech for their support and guidance during this journey"
Niketa Paul
IOC Certified
"Pursuing a desired career has never been easy. Being equally patient till the end and giving the best every day is the biggest hurdle anyone can face. Now I can finally tell myself that I've achieved a milestone but obviously, this is the first one in the whole bucket list. Yet, many more to come. Grateful to The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (The CISI) and Kairos Edutech. Blessed to have trainers from Kairos as my mentors."
Rupai Ghosh
IOC certified
"Throughout the process, I immersed myself in learning various concepts that were once distant and abstract, merely mentioned in news articles. However, thanks to the comprehensive curriculum ,these concepts gradually became more comprehensible and familiar to me. I would like to thanks our mentors from Kairos Edutech for their guidance and constant Support. I look forward to continuing my professional growth, building upon the concepts I have learned, and exploring further advancements within the financial industry."
Shravan Pareek
IOC certified
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