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Investment Banking (IOC) Certification

IISI Certification:

What Is International Introduction To Securities Investments?

This international certification offers a thorough introduction to the financial services sector with an emphasis on investments specifically from a global standpoint.  In addition to assets and markets, equities, bonds, derivatives, investment funds, retirement planning, loans, mortgages, and life insurance are some of the important financial principles and products covered by this CISI qualification. 

This certificate gives students an awareness of ethical behavior and behaving with integrity while providing a first introduction to financial services regulation with an emphasis on financial crime, insider trading, and market abuse.

Who Can Use This Qualification?

It is designed for fresh graduates and existing employees who are starting their careers in the financial services sector. The qualification is appropriate for all employees, not only those in charge of making investment decisions, and covers themes including administration, finance and accounting, IT, customer service, sales and marketing, HR, and training.

Global Securities Operations Certification:

What Is Global Securities Operations?

One of the 15 technical units offered as a part of the Investment Operations Certificate (IOC), which sees more than 12,000 exams taken each year globally, is Global Securities Operations. The unit provides an overview of global securities, concentrating on the key participants in the market, settlement features, additional investor services, and factors of taxation and risk.

Who Can Use This Qualification?

The people involved in all facets of worldwide custody and settlement, as well as operations and administrative professionals, are the target audience for this unit.

Operational Risk Certification:

What Is Operational Risk?

One of the most popular certification of the Investment Operations Certificate (IOC), which sees more than 12,000 exams taken each year globally, is operational risk. The unit provides an overview of operational risk’s nature, as well as its sources, effects, and manifestations in the trade cycle and other significant risks.

Who Can Use This Qualification?

The operations and administrative workers who need to understand operational risk and how it relates to their job position are the target audience for this unit.

International Certificate in Wealth & Investment Management

What Is ICWIM?

While the financial markets’ turmoil highlights the need for strong and focused solutions to assist customers endure market volatility and preserve their wealth, growing prosperity is driving up demand for private banking services.

ICWIM provides comprehensive coverage of the fundamentals of financial planning, private client asset management, fund management, advisory functions, and investment research. You will obtain information about the variety of assets and investment products on the market, as well as the ability to give financial advise and identify the best solutions to fulfil your clients’ goals for retirement, protection, and investment planning. ICWIM is appropriate for those working in fund accounting and private client asset management.

Who Can Use This Qualification?

A wide range of people can benefit from the qualification’s comprehensive focus on wealth and investment management, including those just entering the financial services sector and those currently employed in the field who might be interested in branching out into asset management. It is the perfect substitute for employees in wealth management professions who need to prove their competence by earning a benchmark qualification and who wish to learn how to provide wealth management advice.

The ICWIM satisfies the requirements of businesses that wish to guarantee that their workers can offer high-quality advice and that the qualification may be incorporated into staff induction processes.